The 2000 Election Bailout?

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Almost anyone who was anyone remembers the Florida recount after the Presidential election in the year 2000 between Former Veep Al Gore (now beloved Nobel Prize Winner and Activist) and Former Governor George W. Bush (now President).

When you think about government and like I, was reading Plato’s Republic on democracy and tyrants, you begin to wonder about how were we able to so peacefully transition with a contested election. Had this been a Roman election there would have been blood or the very least mysterious deaths. When Plato mentions what it takes to get a democracy, which he believes is revolution, he also mentions what it takes to get a dictator. This is what Plato has to say:

“When a democracy which is thirsting for freedom has evil cupbearers presiding over the feast, and has drunk too deeply of the strong wine of freedom, then, unless her rulers are very amenable and give a plentiful draught, she calls them to account and punishes them, and says that they are cursed oligarchs.”

With current bailout, we treat Wall Street like a bunch of drunken fools “too deeply of the strong win of freedom.” We allow Secretary Paulson to rise and “calls them to account and punishes them, and says that they are cursed oligarchs.”

But is it democracy that is becoming a bunch of drunken fools who have taken their freedom to regulate us and regulate these industries that need to be called out and punished? I would say yes, very much so.

That begs the question that no one will ever answer and no one will ever ask. Lucky for you, I will. Do we need a tyrant to kick down the door and tell Bush, Paulson, Pelosi, and others to get out of the way? Had Bush or Gore been a tyrant and seized power would we be in this situation today?

Of course, my answer is no. We do not need a tyrant but we do need a leader. We need someone who will stand up to the American people and stop playing games of politics and actually do what is right. We need someone who knows economics and believes in small government.

We must do it through the means that are necessary, which is without government. Will that lead us to ruin? Maybe, so. No, democracy has lasted forever and there is a reason for that. It has something to do with tyrants who take over for the good and turn. But it also has something to do with the people.

Back to the 2000 election, did the Supreme Court act as a bailout of our democracy? Had all the votes been counted, we would have had Bush still. But the Supreme Court intervened and we stayed peaceful, not that there was a threat of the opposite. It was just insuring the just in case moment. Of course, Gore is a lot more popular than Bush now a days.

It is just funny to think the American people have been burned by a dictator not so long ago, but yet we forget what small government was like and we have become much bigger than the government in which we broke away from. Democracy can be just as corrupt as a dictator.



How to Buy a Republican…

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It is surprising to see the unique group of Senator that voted ‘No’ on this financial bailout because most of the Republicans were bought off with tax breaks. When the economic stimulus plan was being worked on, all the Republican politicians came out and said what we really were working for was the tax breaks for businesses.

Now we have tax breaks for alternative energy with this bill. How does that make sense? That is like allowing the government to communize and remove private ownership for farmers, while giving tax breaks for toothpaste companies. The two have nothing to do with anything. If you wanted to add a tax break to this bill then you should add a tax break for those banks who buy up the bad debt.

Democrats should look at this and realize that they will always have a majority. They want socialism as long as they hand Republicans tax breaks then they will let it happen.

So you are probably thinking, what is wrong with tax break? I love most tax breaks just much as anyone else, but tax breaks are also a distortion to the markets. Tax breaks require applications and paperwork, which is just more paperwork. This is just more bureaucracy.

I expect the bill to pass in the house and they will all go back to their district and say what they said after the stimulus. “We really wanted to put in tax breaks.” The voter will then look at their Congressman or woman and say “Wow, you stood up for us and you got us tax breaks.”

Well Socialism will come with tax breaks…

Dear Republican Party, Read your own Platform…

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Dear Republican Party,

As I was browsing the internet for some news, I found that I couldn’t escape the news of this bailout plan. First, we have a Republican President George W. Bush crowning Secretary Paulson economic Czar. Second, you are asking for $700 billion dollars for this new plan, making you the biggest socialist we have ever seen in executive power. FDR looks like Adam Smith right now. Third, we hear how your former archenemy John McCain support this act and would like to add more government to the mix. Yes, George W. Bush’s $700 billion dollar bailout plan is “more right wing” than John McCain’s rubber stamp with a little more bureaucracy. Meet the two wings of the party. We have the socialists and the socialists plus 1.

I am sure right now the Communist and Socialist parties are extremely upset. As not only have the Democrats stolen their platform since 1930ish but now the Republicans are doing it in the 2000’s. Republican Party, it is not all of your fault, as it is people like me who helped you guys get elected by believing in you. Believing that you were the “party of lesser evil.” That you were the party of “free market Capitalism.” That you were the party that slows government growth.

I used to claim that the Republican Party should get on the deregulation platform. Instead of changing the subject or talking about national security, when Democrats come up with socialist domestic issues your first reaction should have been deregulate. Oh, those were the golden days. Now I would have been happy with the “Republicans, we grow government – slower.” Instead, it is not “Republicans, we tell you that we won’t grow government but we have been beating Democrats at it for the past eight years.”

This brings me to the Republican Party Platform and back to my browsing the internet. I found this over at Reason’s blog:

“We do not support government bailouts of private institutions. Government interference in the markets exacerbates problems in the marketplace and causes the free market to take longer to correct itself.”

This is from the 2008 Republican Party Platform. Maybe it would be true that if the Republican Party still held these beliefs that I would vote for them. That day is long gone. When I think back on the times when Hoover was expanding the size of government after Cooledge kept the government relatively small but both were running under the Republican party ticket, What did the Republicans do then?

Do you split the party? Do you ignore it? If you ignore it, how much do you ignore? When FDR was growing the size of the government and he met almost no force from the Republicans, what do you do? What is a small government pro-market capitalist suppose to do? We aren’t there yet but in the Soviet Union they fled. Where would we go today? I love this country just as much as the next and I guess that is why I am writing this letter.

I can disagree with a Democrat on a billion issues, but I will never win with my own team using their tricks. Republican Party, you must get this through your head:

I will take a Democrat who says he is a Democrat, anyday over a Republican who is really a Democrat.

Your old friend,